What to expect as a Construction Volunteer
What to expect as a Habitat for Humanity Construction Volunteer

Can I Just Show Up?
No. You need to preregister. Click here to view the Volunteer Information Sheet.

When Should I Arrive and When Should I Expect to Leave?
The work day begins with introductions and a safety review at 8 A.M. Please plan to arrive at the work site fifteen minutes before that so that we can begin on time. The work day ends about 3 P.M. A full day’s commitment is expected.

What Should I Do When I Arrive?
Look for a board member on duty and sign in. If you have not previously completed a liability waiver for the current build season, you will be asked to do so. Board members will be wearing distinctive name badges to identify themselves.

Do I Have to Sign the Liability Waiver?
Yes. Habitat for Humanity International requires that every volunteer, without exception, must sign a liability waiver agreeing to take personal responsibility for any accidents or injuries on the work site. The form covers the entire build season so that you need sign only one waiver even though you volunteer on multiple days. Click here to view the waiver.

Who Is In Charge on the Work Site?
The house leader manages all activities on the work site.

What Should I Wear?
Expect to get dirty, so dress in suitable work clothing, including work gloves and comfortable closed-toe shoes (you will be on your feet most of the day). Also dress appropriately for the weather. Even once the buildings are sealed, they are rarely heated. So during the winter months, dress in multiple warm layers.

What Work Will I Be Doing?
That depends on the stage of construction and the progress of the work, both of which are unpredictable. What we can promise you is that the work you will be asked to perform will be well within your abilities. It may be something you know how to do already, or it may be a new skill that we teach you.