Get Involved: Sponshorship

Interested in sponsoring a Habitat home?


From corporations, to faith-based organizations, to foundations and individuals, the Habitat for Humanity organization and its affiliates rely on the generous support of its House Sponsors.? Consider how your organization can partner with us!


Suggested Sponsorships Levels
$5500 - $11,000
All sponsorships are welcomed regardless of amount.



Full House Sponsorship: $75,000
This pays for the materials and labor costs associated with building the home.? Volunteer requirements vary, depending on the tasks for the day.? Typically your organization provides approximately 35-40 volunteers for each of seven build days.



Partner Sponsorships: $15,000; $25,000; $40,000
Your organization contributes a portion of the sponsorship amount and is?matched with other corporate or faith-based sponsors to underwrite the costs of building a home.? As with the Full House Sponsorship, we can work with your volunteers or recruit additional volunteers as needed. Sponsorship amounts reflected here are suggested amounts. Regardless of the amount, all sponsorships are welcomed.



Team Build Projects: $5,500- $11,000
Sponsor 15-40 of your associates, employees or members to participate in an exciting day of team building on an Atlanta Habitat home.? Lumpkin County HFH provides building materials, tools, training, supervision and safety equipment. Team Build Projects are great for enhancing your organization's image and strengthening camaraderie and morale while serving the community!

If you or your organization is unable to donate within these sponsorship levels, please contact us to discuss other giving options.? We will help with creative ways to identify and secure resources, such as involving your organization?s vendors or clients.




Benefits of Sponsorship
Being a sponsor makes good sense.? You?ll support the community in which you live and work, and you will help make a significant difference in our community.

Sponsorship generates high awareness and goodwill toward your organization and brand.? The program works to boost morale, create pride, and develop a sense of camaraderie among those involved.

In fact, all groups involved in building Lumpkin County Habitat homes benefit from a tremendous team-building experience.? Employees from different departments work side-by-side, church and synagogue members paint together, and suburbanites hammer away with urban dwellers.? Sponsoring a Lumpkin County Habitat house is one project that brings people from all walks of life together to work toward one common goal -- providing the opportunity for a qualified Lumpkin County family to have a place to call home.



How to Become a House Sponsor
Once you have decided to become a House Sponsor, Lumpkin County HFH will:

  • Enter into an Agreement of Understanding with the sponsor.
  • Select and match a qualified family with each new home.
  • Provide a building site and advise the sponsor of the site address as soon as possible.
  • Provide appropriate recognition on house signage.
  • Provide construction management and skilled core volunteers to oversee all construction.
  • Provide first aid kits on work sites.
  • Provide tools and needed supplies.
  • Assist in public relations.
  • Assist in planning the home?s Dedication Ceremony.

Please email our?Sponsorship Manager?for more information or to discuss scheduling a build project.



Current Habitat Projects:

  • The Lumpkin County Habitat is currently in need of land donations. We are actively seeking site(s) to build new Habitat homes. Please contact us at for more information.


Lumpkin HFH relies on sponsors and partnerships to build more homes.

We will continue building by enlisting businesses, hurches, Schools, and civic organizations to become involved for the first time or to raise their levels of participation.


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