Church Relations

Serving together in ministry
Habitat for Humanity is a Christian ministry that invites people of all faiths and no faith to join its mission to build and renovate simple, decent, affordable houses.

Putting faith into action
Habitat for Humanity is about tearing down walls and building bridges. It is about bringing hope and transforming lives. It is about serving God by serving others.

The vision of Habitat is that all people will have a decent place in which to live. Trust in God propels this movement forward and helps bring hope into the lives of homeowners, volunteers ? and even bystanders.

Benefits of church partnerships
Habitat for Humanity benefits from all the contributions that churches make to this ministry. The prayer, financial and volunteer support that churches provide is the backbone of Habitat?s work.

What can my church do?
Most importantly, every church can pray for the work of Habitat for Humanity around the world. Churches support the ministry of Habitat in a number of other ways and at a variety of levels.

How do we get started?
Habitat for Humanity operates through local organizations in communities around the world. Many Habitat groups organize specific church-sponsored builds or create events that focus on church partnerships. The ideal Habitat project is one that matches the ministry goals of your church.

Whether in the United States, Canada or in nearly 100 other countries around the world, Habitat for Humanity houses Faith Communities.


As an ecumenical Christian Ministry, Habitat for Humanity is founded on principles that transcend theological and religious differences. Simply put, Habitat provides people of all faiths an opportunity to live in a decent home.

From the partnership of volunteers, sponsors, and homeowners, evolves a network of lasting friendships and communities. Your Congregation can partner with Lumpkin County??Habitat for Humanity through:


Faith-Based Partnership: Unity House

Recognizing that sponsorship of an entire Habitat home may be beyond the means of many small congregations, LCHFH can work with the faith communities to partner together and build a "Unity House". We will be delighted to work with your congregation to seek out other partners and plan a unity house with you.